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Welcome to the Rickster's Blog!!

This is were the Rickster will do all of his blogging. I have a feeling this page is going to be huge!

Well, might as well start off with a bang. Today the Rickster nearly got bite a timber rattlesnake while trying to rescue it from my buddy's pool. The 8ft rattler was in the deep trying to attack anyone near it. I saw an opprotunity and stripped down to my boxers and grabbed the snake by the neck while it was in mid strike trying to bite my buddy's wife that was backed into a corner. If Reptile Ricky had not of been there, theres a very good chance anyone in this pool would have died.

After this, the news got wind of the rescue and are claiming that the Rickster is a hero. Well, the Rickster was just looking out for my friends family not trying to be a hero but I accepted the title. After the news ran the story, a local tattoo joint offered to give me a free tattoo for me saving the day. Needless to say I got HERO tattoo'ed in big bold letters acrossed my back. I'm a little sore but I'll try and give another blog update too.

Rickster out!

Update: 4-3-2012

Wassup guys! The Rickster is checking back in for a quick update. I had a good buddy call a couple days ago and tell me he needed a little help because his 15ft King Cobra got loose in his house so he needed help from the Rickster to get the king back in it's 30ft enclosure.

Well, after looking for hours we found the King under the foundation of the trailor. I got up underneath there and wrestled the king our with one hand! He was biting at me like crazy was I was too quick for him. haha

Check out this new site a good buddy of mine just launched. Another hothead like me.


Talk soon,


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