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Howdy Folks!!!!!
I'm Reptile Ricky my daddy always called me that when I was a little fellow because I was always bring turtles and snakes home from the woods. It even got to the point that my ol' man would introduce me to his friends as little Reptile Ricky. I loved that name then and I love it now that I'm all grown up. 

That's right I'm a 45 year old reptile fanatic. I'm a CEO of a large business during the day and at night it's all about my massive collection of reptiles. This page is dedicated to the life and journey of me (Reptile Ricky) I'll take through the day to day of feeding and keeping venomous snakes like my new cottonmouth snake aka water moccasin.

I'll also be talking about the importance of safe keeping. After receiving my last bite from a juvenile cottonmouth which put ol' ricky in the hoespital for a week solid I figured it was time I started to be more responsible with my handling practices. These days I never handle the venomous snakes after ol' Ricky been out at the lake boozing all day. Alcohol and venmous snakes is a big BIG NO NO.

I'll also be talking about my breeding efforts, well not me, the snakes..lol Yepp I just started breeding water moccasins this year and I'm hoping to have my first little of baby snakes here in less than a month. Don't worry Ol' Ricky is completely legal and has all of the necessary permits. Well, thats enough blabbing for now. I'll check back soon!!

-Reptile Ricky


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